Connecting Manager

If you are interested in the job below, please download our application here. You may digitally complete the application, or print it and submit it via scan-to-email or fax. Please submit your resume at the same time.

Fax: 901-754-7605
Street Address: 8500 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 38018

Connecting Ministry

Implement a process of opening the front door by making all guests feel welcomed and wanted on the weekend and closing the back door by connecting Hope visitors and members who are unconnected to a ministry or volunteer opportunity. This is an exempt, full time position.

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Weekend Hospitality: Create a mindset of hospitality and service that leaves a lasting impression every weekend. 
  • Weekend Vision: To ensure all guests feel welcomed and wanted, recruit, train, develop, manage, and appreciate Weekend Volunteers – including Weekend Captains, Weekend Coordinators, Information Hosts, Greeters, Coffee Hosts and First Time Visitor Team.
  • First Time Visitor Ministry: Implement a process to promote high personal touch for First Time Visitors at a Weekend Service.
  • Section Hosts: Pilot a program to evaluate the effectiveness of Section Hosts at the Weekend Services.
  • Connecting Points: Offer monthly Connecting Points, staffed by trained Coaches.
  • Connecting/Assimilation: Oversee the process of connecting the unconnected to a ministry or volunteer opportunity.
  • Church Wide Events:  Offer connection related Church database support and oversight for Church wide events and projects to ensure that established connection processes are being followed effectively.
  • Communication: Using social media, the web, and printed materials to inform and promote connecting opportunities.
  • Introducing Hope: Work with Membership Pastor to facilitate Session 3 of IHS.
  • Follow-up and Tracking: Use Church database to track volunteers, follow-up with volunteer requests, and First Time Visitors.
  • Supervise Weekend Coordinator:  Oversee weekend coordinator.  

Work Experience and Requirements

  • 3+ years of leadership experience and team building
  • 3+ years of staff/volunteer church ministry
  • Background in sales management, account management, or customer service

Education Requirements

  • College degree

Other Skills and Qualifications

  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Highly organized
  • Self-starter
  • Passionate and high energy leader
  • Strong people skills