Recovery & Support

In keeping with one of Hope's Core Values, “We do not shoot our wounded,” the church hosts and sponsors a number of recovery and support groups to help you navigate the challenges of life.

Check out some groups below.

If you have questions about recovery and support groups, feel free to call or contact us. You do not need to give your name. You may download our brochure here.

Alcohol & Drugs
Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous

Career & Finances
Financial Peace University
Career Link

Eating Disorders
Overeaters Anonymous

Grief & Suicide
Grief Care
Compassionate Friends
Suicide Anonymous

Mental Health
Mental Health Support
Trichotillomania Support

Anger Management
Beyond Affairs
CoDependents Anonymous
Divorce Care
Hope for Women in Controlling Relationships
Untangling Relationships-Coping with Codependency

Faithful & True
Sexaholics Anonymous

Special Needs
Macky & Friends

Band of Brothers

Many of these groups are not affiliated with the church, but are highly regarded in our community for their longstanding history as sources of help and support.You do not need to be a Hope member or attend Hope Church in order to take part in these groups. They are open to anyone in the community. In fact, most people who attend these meetings are not affiliated with the church. Except for the cost of materials, there are no fees or a minimal fee for most groups.

Unless otherwise noted, registration is not required. While no one can guarantee absolute confidentiality, every group places a very high priority on protecting your identity and your privacy. You are likely to hear the phrase,"Whom you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here."What you’ll experience at a support group will vary from group to group, but several elements are common to most groups, especially those that practice the twelve steps.

These common elements include:

1.The freedom to reveal your true thoughts, feelings and circumstances without condemnation.

2. Connecting with others who have “been there, done that” and can relate to your situation and talk about their experience, strength and hope.

3. The opportunity to find support, healing and encouragement as you deal with life’s challenges.

Recovery & Support Staff

Pat Kendall

Recovery & Support Pastor

Caring Ministry

Amy Puddephatt

Caring Ministry Administrator

Caring Ministry

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