The Stirring

What is The Stirring?

It is our Sunday night 5:30pm worship experience that provides an atmosphere that is eclectic, passionate, and comfortable. It is the opportunity to interact with culture, scripture and have something to take with you to live with and execute yourself during the week. The music you'll hear inside sounds a lot like the music you listened to in your car on the way over. The lights and the video you see might remind you of a concert you recently attended. The artists on stage creating during the service are an ocular demonstration of the experience.

The message of God is fed in a familiar and practical language. Aren’t we all seeking God's direction for our lives?  It is because the belief is that God is leading and guiding us all. It's a place where our passions, our concerns, our visions and our desires find their fulfillment.  This is a place where you can discover and are encouraged to do what you were made to do. The Stirring provides a community that accepts each other, because we know God accepts us as we are. Come and let God stir up the passions of your soul.

Stirring Kids

Join us at the Hope for Kids building Sunday nights! A chance for kids newborn through 5th grade to learn about God and Community in their own special setting while their parents worship. The Stirring kids get a chance to experience special events that tie into music and art just like we have every week in the Stirring.

The Stirring Staff

Eli Morris

Senior Associate Pastor

Executive Staff

Phyllis Johnson

Assistant to the Senior Associate Pastor


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