Wednesday Classes

Adult Class Descriptions

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The Book of Revelation: How the "End" Matters to Me "Now"
Taught by: Rev. Rufus Smith (Senior Pastor)

The most eerie book of the Bible was never meant to be shrouded in mystery from ANY Jesus Follower. Students in this class will learn HOW to interpret the myths, meaning and message of Revelation. And, more importantly, discover HOW the knowledge of the “end times” can enhance our life on earth “right now.” 

Light For the Path We Walk (How God's Light Frees Us From Darkness and Confusion)
Teacher: Dr. Eli Morris (Sr. Associate Pastor)

Throughout this class we’ll look at specific scriptures from the Gospel of John to see how God’s Spirit can bring light to our darkness, truth to our lies, victory over our sins, and free us to live lives that reflect Christ to our friends, family and the world. A time of worship begins this class. 

Four Common Hurdles Every Marriage Faces and How to Overcome Them
Teachers: Rev. Freddie Albaugh (Marriage & Family Pastor)

Two becoming one requires couples to adapt through different seasons of life, including the fun and not so fun seasons. Our time together in this class will help and encourage couples to recognize and overcome the common obstacles that couples face and learn to enjoy their marriage! 

Moms at Hope (PM)
Teacher: Rev. Jessica Morris (Assistant Pastor of Ministry)

This class is a night offering for moms with kids of all ages who are seeking community and desiring relationships with other moms. In this class we will work through the joys and tensions of being a mom. 

Introducing Hope
Teacher: Rev. David Morris (Membership Pastor) and Hope Staff

Ready to take the next step here at Hope? You’re invited to Introducing Hope, a four-week class that gives you an inside look at Hope, our history and the challenge to grow deeper in your faith. We use this class as a pathway to membership, however, participation does not require a commitment to join. Introducing Hope will introduce you to others, helping you create or build community, and give you direction in becoming more connected here at Hope through service.

Please register for Introducing Hope online today here.

Giving Back
Taught by Rev. Art Fogartie (Stewardship Pastor)

How can you become more intentional in the areas of worship, prayer, service, time management and others? “Christian stewardship” means more than placing your offering in the plate. Guest speakers and open discussions about mining the depths of your gifts and talents will give you a new outlook. We will not take up a collection! 

for kids…

Wednesday Night Kids exists to truly blend faith and fun! Energetic music, exciting activities and engaging safe relationships help us find our hope and purpose in Christ. Every kid will walk away with the gospel on their level so that God may be imprinted into their lives and that joy may be shared with their friends. Never forget, Jesus was once a kid! Join us to celebrate life as He would with Hope 4 Kids. All children’s activities begin at 6:30 pm (doors open at 6:15) and end promptly at 7:30 pm.

Wednesday Night Special Kids and Adults is a place where we believe all individuals are created in His image and have a unique purpose. It is our mission to lift individuals to their fullest potential, help them discover their God-given talents, and share those talents within the Body of Christ. Come join our community of faith and fun where we spend time experiencing the One who loves unconditionally, no matter what - Jesus Christ. We will sing, laugh and use our imaginations during fun learning activities. We can’t wait to see you! To learn more about our program and what to expect on Wednesdays, visit or contact Director Karen Walls, email Karen Walls.

For Students…

On Wednesday nights at HSM (Hope Student Ministries), we are here to give some midweek encouragement to students in grades 6-12! After a long Wednesday in class, many students come straight to Hope from school while others get shuttled here by our Wednesday after school pick up vans. Our event is a fun, loud, and semi-chaotic collection of music, games and teaching full of grace and truth. We want you to enjoy yourself with no added pressure! So bring a friend and come to the Student Center (Entrance 6) on Wednesday nights for a fun night!

To learn more about student programs and activities throughout the week, along with trip and service opportunities, visit