Weekend Classes

"Don't you mean Sunday School?…"

Call it what you like; we offer classes every Sunday morning. Come see for yourself!

For more information about these classes and adult ministry, contact Dave Ruff (dave@hopechurchmemphis.com, 507-1908).

9:30 am Classes:

You've Got Mail, Letters From The New Testament • Room 223 • This is a small informal discussion-oriented class currently studying the book of Isaiah. This class is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Christian life. For more information, contact Dan Brewer (Lt-dan@att.net).

Classics Sunday School (50+) • Chapel •  Using the model created by St. Ignatius of Loyola, we will study the Gospels and the culture of the Jewish nation. We will look at how the words of Jesus impacted their lives, and how to apply them to our current time. For more information, contact Connie Patterson (patconniepatterson@att.net).

Exploring The Bible • Room 227 • You're invited to join us on Sunday mornings as we study the exciting book of Acts. We will go chapter by chapter in the development of the church and its beginnings. This class is taught by Larry Lloyd and others with seminary backgrounds.

Bible Study for Women • Room 221 • All women are welcome to join us as we explore God’s Word through a variety of studies.

Bible Study For Men • Room 238 • All are welcome to join the Men of Hope as Mike Sadler teaches through the letters of Paul to Timothy. For more information, contact Mike Sadler (Mike@HopeChurchMemphis.com). 

HSC (Hope Singles Community) • South Hall • Join us for relevant Bible lessons designed to grow people toward spiritual maturity. For more information contact Singles@HopeChurchMemphis.com.

Hand In Hand • Room 303 • A place for parents and caregivers of a child or adult with special needs. Get information, share and learn to help your child and yourself. For more information, contact PK Oates (PK@HopeChurchMemphis.com).

Global Community • Room 234 • You’re invited to meet with us as we explore what it means to PRAY, GIVE and GO with a missional mindset. We’ll have a mix of live teaching, videos, and special testimonies from GO leaders, missionaries, and team members. We’ll also walk through the book, When Helping Hurts , by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert.

10:30 am Class:
Young Adults Bible Study
• Room 232 • Connect with other young adults to grow in your faith and find community. We’re currently in our study #RelationshipGoals, and are looking at six vital relationships of a Christian. For more information, contact Tori Griffith (Tori@HopeChurchMemphis.com).

10:45 am Class:
Real Life-Real God
Room 230 • Join singles and couples of all ages on Sunday mornings as we study the Bible to gain a greater understanding of who God is, His plans for us, His promises to us, and how we can better live out our faith in our daily lives. For more information, contact Kirk McGuire (kirk@preferredmedicalsystems.com).

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You'll Fit Right In

You'll Fit Right In