About Us

Hope Church is excited to announce PROLIFIX–a new intergenerational leadership program for experienced and emerging leaders to mutually benefit in their careers. The main objective of PROLIFIX is to develop emerging leaders to reach their highest God-given potential, making a positive impact on the Memphis/Shelby County community.

While the primary focus will be career development, for those who are Jesus Followers, PROLIFIX will also be a safe place for spiritual growth. We believe this holistic approach will maximize work lives as Memphis/Shelby County becomes a more intergenerationally diverse community.

Our program’s name, PROLIFIX, comes from the word “prolific” which means to produce abundant fruit. We will connect mentors and protégés (much like journeymen and apprentices) for one-on-one discussions. The mentor/protégé teams will also attend five monthly meetings where all will hear from expert knowledge specialists on key servant-leadership topics, engage in Q & A, as well as share a group meal.