Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counseling | Hope Church - Memphis, TN

Alcohol & Drugs


Uses Twelve Steps, shared experience, strength and hope to help solve common problems and help each other recover from alcoholism.
Discussion: Sundays, 8:00 pm • Room 230
Discussion: Tuesdays, Noon • Room 221
Discussion, BOAF: Tuesdays, Noon • Room 223
Discussion: Thursdays, Noon • Room 221

AL-ANON (Sponsor: Al-Anon)

Gives comfort to families of alcoholics, and gives understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic. Al-Anon believes alcoholism is a family illness and that changed attitudes can aid recovery.
Discussion: Sundays, 8:00 PM • Room 227

ALATEEN (Sponsor: Al-Anon)

Children and young people (ages 11-18) whose lives have been affected by alcoholism.
Discussion: Sundays, 8:00 PM • Room 223


For those whom drugs have become a major problem. Recovering addicts meet regularly to help each other stay clean. The only requirement is a desire to stop using.
Discussion: Sunday, 6:30 PM • Room 230
Discussion: Tuesday, Noon • Room 227
Discussion: Tuesday, 8:00 PM • Room 227
Discussion: Thursday, Noon • Room 227
Discussion: Thursday, 8:00 PM • Room 227

NAR-ANON (Sponsor: Nar-Anon)

Designed to help relatives and friends of addicts recover from the effects of living with an addicted relative or friend.
Discussion: Sundays, 6:30 PM • Room 227 (Click here for other meetings in the area).