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Body & Soul Fitcamp

The Program

Spending 50 minutes a day under the watchful eye of someone who pushes you will change everything. During each session, you will experience aerobic and strength-building exercises in a team atmosphere. Competition will be employed as a psychological push, while making things more fun. The design of this program is to give you functional fitness; with a balanced and healthy body. A toned and healthy physique that carries you with more energy and a head held high is what we’re after. If you’re looking for the bodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Kate Moss…please look elsewhere.

Who can benefit?

All athletes who are looking to improve their speed, strength, and stamina - All women who want to tone up and slim down - All men who want to improve their energy, flexibility and strength - All seniors who want to regain a more active and healthy lifestyle - All School/University students who want a competitive athletic advantage or a place to meet new friends.

What can we offer that your local gym can’t?

Motivated, educated, and highly trained instructors to push you at a relatively low price - Accountability with your goals (this is a big one…we will call you when you don’t show depending on your goal sheet) - Team atmosphere that supports and encourages you - A preset design for your workouts (just show up, and we’ll tell you what to do so you’ll get the most out of your time) - A friendly environment (despite the military flare, it’s designed for you to enjoy it)- An information pamphlet with valuable resources on the course concept, nutrition, exercise physiology, motivational psychology, and more.

Schedule concept

We do not believe health and fitness should come only in intervals. Health and fitness should be a life-long process with evolving goals in mind along the way. Instructors will learn your expressed goals, and take them seriously. If you become a two-month Grad, you WILL change, but we want your metamorphosis to become a permanent fixture, and far more advanced (i.e. stick with us). Our sessions look like this: Weekly morning sessions are available (Monday-Friday). A Training Sessions is 50 minutes long, and you can attend ALL sessions during the week. Sessions run approximately 8 weeks with a 1-week break (breaks often occur around holiday weeks which can slightly alter the length of each session). You can start anytime during a session! Our hours are Monday-Friday, 5:30 am-6:20 am.

Items to bring:

First timers must bring the signed Medical Authorization Form and the completed Registration Form.
Water Bottle, Yoga mat or towel and pair of dumbbells (Women 5lbs / Men 10lbs).


Daily Workout: $10/day (cash accepted)
Tryout Membership: $30 (1 week)
Committed Membership: $80 (1 month)
Loyalty Membership: $150 (2 months)
Dedicated Membership: $360 (6 months)

Email Page Zanella, or call at 351-9822, with any questions about Body & Soul Fitcamp.