Are you ready to be chosen?

In conjunction with our "WHY" teaching series and an emphasis on "WHY Missions," Hope's Global Outreach Ministry is partnering with World Vision for an incredible and life-changing opportunity. Through the CHOSEN experience, we as a church family will be challenged to go deeper in our personal relationship with Jesus to boldly and confidently experience our pillars of service and generosity.

Through the CHOSEN sponsorship experience, we will contribute to the initiative of lifting children out of poverty. Our partnership with World Vision allows teams on the ground to address the root of poverty and injustice to design integrated and sustainable solutions such as access to clean water, a focus on child protection and opportunities for economic empowerment. Join us for this gifted opportunity in changing lives beyond our boarders.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Global Outreach Director, Jessica Shoup (

chosen launch weekend • june 4 & 5

CHOSEN is an experience that reminds us God CHOOSES us, LOVES us and SEES us. In partnership with World Vision, this unique and impacting opportunity invites you to a different way of child sponsorship, where instead of you choosing a child, the child has the power to choose YOU!

During the weekend of June 4 & 5, our Hope family will be encouraged and invited to be CHOSEN by a child in need from two of Global Outreach's partner countries, Ecuador and Uganda. 

For more information, contact Global Outreach Director, Jessica Shoup (

chosen reveal weekend • june 11 & 12

Following Launch Weekend, each photo is sent to a community in Ecuador or Uganda where World Vision staff prepares a special time for kids to choose their sponsor(s). During the week between Launch Weekend and Reveal Weekend, you are encouraged to boldly pray for the CHOSEN process, the communities in both countries and kids who will be choosing their sponsor(s). 

During the weekend of June 11 & 12, each person/family who participated in Launch Weekend will "meet" and discover the loving child who chose them. You will receive a photo of your sponsored child and a life-changing relationship begins. 

For more information, contact Global Outreach Director, Jessica Shoup (

lobby experience volunteer roles

WELCOME HOST • First point of contact for the lobby experience to help the line move smoothly and quickly. This role initiates the sign-up process.
SIGN-UP ROAMER • Helps sponsors sign up and receive their Chosen code (via a World Vision iPad) so they can take their Chosen photo. Help congregants fill out all needed information and keep the line moving.
PHOTO BOOTH HOST • Capture the Chosen code tied to the new sponsor’s contact information and take a photo of the sponsor (and family).
iPAD HANDLER • Once new sponsors have finished getting their photos taken, this role will collect the World Vision iPad and reset it to be ready for the next congregant.
LINE HOST • Keep the line moving quickly and smoothly and direct congregants to the next available photo booth or space at the Reveal Wall. Reveal weekend only. 
REVEAL HOST • Help sponsors find their Reveal Chosen envelope with information about the child that chose them as their sponsor. Reveal Weekend only.