A Senior Adult Ministry at Hope

The Encore Difference…

Encore is a uniquely different ministry at Hope. Ministries are normally top-down-led and directed by a Hope staff pastor. But Encore is bottom up-led by the laity, its participants who organize and serve in various teams or Life Groups based on common interests and activities suggested by Encore research. As a ministry of Hope Adult Education, Encore does have staff oversight and support from the Education Director, Matt Tubinis. 

New participants can sign up to join a specific team or Life Group that fits their interests and abilities. The teams or Life Groups are responsible for leading and managing their respective group to include planning, organizing, and producing group activities within Hope’s guidelines.

Encore Teams/Life Groups

Listed below are the seven proposed Encore organizing teams and Life Groups.   

  1. Communications TeamCoordinates production of monthly Encore Newsletter, social media, internal marketing activities, and Encore Database Management.
  1. Entertainment/Fun/Events: Plans, organizes, implements social activities and fun celebration events.
  1. Exercise/Fitness/Senior Olympics: Plans, promotes, organizes senior fitness activities and participation in area Senior Olympics Games.
  1. Travel/Tours/Historical VenuesPlans, organizes, implements interesting group social travel events to local and near-by venues.
  1. Personal Development/Seminars/Bible Study: Plans, organizes, promotes activities/events to enhance personal spiritual knowledge and growth in one’s Faith
  1. Community Service/Projects: Identifies, plans, organizes volunteer service events/projects in the community.
  1. Mentoring/Intergenerational Outreach: Identifies, plans, and facilitates intergenerational mentoring opportunities/activities across all age ranges.