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Raising a Generation of Racism: Family Bytes Podcast, Episode #4 + BONUS Conversation

What if our family is passing along a mindset that we are inherently better than others.... without even knowing it? Dr. Nate Essex, President Emeritus of Southwest Community College, is the special guest in this episode of the Family Bytes Podcast. Dr. Essex grew up as an African American in the deep south, during the height of racial segregation. He discusses  how his upbringing within his home and community shaped the trajectory of his life, despite a... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Navigating Kids Safely Through Our Digital World

In this month's latest Family Bytes Podcast episode, special guest, Reagan Taylor, Assistant US Attorney, joins hosts Freddie Albaugh, Dr. Chuck Hannaford, and Anne Floyd to discuss strategies to help parents and family members assist kids not just navigate but also thrive in our digital world. Learn in this episode: pros & cons of social media and digital technology what the typical online predator "looks like" profile of the typical victim of online... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Family Bytes Podcast Ep. 2: Understanding Intimacy (part II)

Last month, we heard from Russ Vandersteeg about how his lack of authenticity led to an addiction to pornography and sex. Today, his wife, Denise, shares her side of the story, how it affected their marriage. Regular hosts  Pastor Freddie Albaugh  and  Chuck Hannaford, PhD  are joined by  Anne Floyd , Hope Church counselor. They discuss and compare intimacy needs in women and men, and what it looks like in daily life and conversations. This episode will help both men... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Family Bytes Podcast is HERE!

Exciting news for our ministry and blog in 2018! We've launched a new podcast and are so excited to share it with you! Having an audible version of this site gives you the ability to take Family Bytes in the car, to the gym, to work or to do laundry. While we'll still be posting read-able blogs, we'll also host a monthly podcast for your convience, information, and -sometimes - entertainment! *wink* Today our hosts, Pastor Freddie Albaugh & Chuck... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Thursday, January 11, 2018
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