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Reframing Finances: Part II

On Part II of "Reframing Finances," Ruth Abigail Smith chats about how her generation (millenials) suffers from the epidemic of comparison and is the "microwave generation." She discusses how that affects every aspect of their lives - especially finances. Freddie and Ruth Abigail chat about everything from college debt, to spending, to the necessary work of adding purpose to your finances, because process without purpose usually ends in failure. Click... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Reframing Finances: Part I

Part I of "Reframing Finances" features Gary & Lisa Zyriek, Hope Church members who help lead Financial Peace University at Hope.  Gary & Lisa talk about not just saving money for the future, but also spending and budgeting for fun as well as how to communicate  with financial partners and having a well-balanced view of value and costs for both adults and kids.  For more information on Financial Peace University, click HERE .  Family... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Sunday, January 13, 2019
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Reframing Purpose: How Relationships Help us Find the Path to Our Purpose

We're ONE year into Family Bytes living as a podcast, and we're ready to celebrate!  To celebrate we're kicking off season 2 with a weekly series, instead of one monthly post. So every Friday, you'll see a new podcast show up over the next five week. This weekly series will coincide with the sermons over the next 5 weeks at Hope Church, Reframed: Gaining a Fresh Perspective . You can watch the first sermon of the series by clicking HERE . Special Bonus! ... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Tuesday, January 8, 2019
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The Christmas Purge

In the latest Family Bytes Podcast episode, Pastor Freddie Albaugh and his wife, Kristen, share a useful activity for you and your family this Christmas. The Christmas Purge can cultivate a spirit of contentment within your family at a time of year it's often need most.  Listen to this short podcast to get the steps for a successful Christmas purge, as well as why it's important.   Places to Donate: -  Salvation Army -  Purple Heart Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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