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Q&A from the Hope for Parents Summit

Did you miss the first Hope for Parents Summit? No worries! This month's podcast is the question and answer portion from the Summit with authors and speakers David Thomas and Sissy Goff along with pastor Jonathan Pitts Jonathan’s sermon at Hope 11-03-19 For Girls Like You Ministry Raising Boys & Girls Website Books: Emptied She is Yours Raising Boys & Girls IG accounts: Sissy Goff Raising Boys & Girls Jonathan Pitts ... Read More
Posted by Haileigh Green at Thursday, November 7, 2019
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Intentional Parenting

Listen to one of THE most intentional guests Family Bytes has EVER had the pleasure of interviewing, Mr. Jonathan Pitts. In this podcast Freddie & Jonathan discuss what it means to be an intentional parent and how to say yes RIGHT NOW when God gives you a task. Jonathan Pitts is an author, speaker, and the executive pastor at Church of the City in Franklin,Tennessee. He has previously served as the executive director at the Urban Alternative, (the national ministry of Dr. Tony... Read More
Posted by Haileigh Green at Friday, September 27, 2019
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Don't Get Over It....Work Through It

Terrell Washington is this episode's guest where he shares his unique life story of being one of five children from a parent who was also an addict. Freddie & Terrell discuss how he overcame his life challenges and how he didn't allow them to define him but rather become a part of his story. If you are going through a particular difficulty or challenge and wondering how to get out of your hurt- this podcast is for you! Learn how to not just get over it, but work through it... Read More
Posted by Haileigh Green at Thursday, August 29, 2019
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The Parenting Perspective

Who are we as parents? What do my kids need throughout their development? If you have these questions; listen now to "The Parenting Perspective" podcast with David Thomas & Sissy Goff. If you like what you heard....stay tuned because these two kid-savvy gurus will be here on Nov 2nd for Hope's first EVER Raising Boys & Girls Parenting Summit! Connect with David & Sissy: Raising Boys & Girls Raising Boys & Girls IG Read More
Posted by Haileigh Green at Thursday, August 1, 2019
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