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Stop Compromising

“Compromise is the key to a healthy marriage.” Right?  Wrong.  What if I told you compromising can be damaging your relationship? Another word for compromise is “negotiation.” When we enter a negotiation, the goal is to give up as little as possible as we try to get as much as we can. Skilled negotiators know exactly what they are willing to give up in order to get what they want. What we are willing to sacrifice usually doesn’t matter that... Read More
Posted by Freddie Albaugh at Friday, July 22, 2016
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Feed the Pig: Why Your Dreams May Not Get You Where You Want to Go

The sign said it all: Walt Disney World: Where Dreams Come True. Our kids' enthusiastic screams were louder than an arena filled with pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert. For months, our kids constantly wondered, planned and fantasized about what Disney would be like until finally , the time arrived when we drove up to the front gates for our one-day, trip of a lifetime to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The day was spent doing everything Mickey and his friends had to offer.... Read More
Posted by Freddie Albaugh at Friday, July 8, 2016
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