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Help! I Don't Like My Kids' Friends!

In today's episode, Pastor Freddie Albaugh gives Mark Gregston, author, speaker, national radio host, and the founder of  Heartlight Ministries  a call to chat about how to handle it when we don't like our kids' friends. Mark is immensely passionate about helping kids and parents through the turbulent teenage years and is a great resource for parents, as well. In this episode you'll hear and learn about: the delusion most kids live under that they... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Wednesday, October 31, 2018
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How our Church Views Your Children: An Open Letter from Hope for Kids

The Marriage & Family Ministry at Hope Church doesn't include just adult-focused opportunities and classes. We encompass everything and everybody that makes and shapes the family unit. That includes married couples, blended families, single parent households, children and so on.  Below, you'll find a letter from Keith Weiss, Hope for Kids Leap (1st-3rd grade) Coordinator, written to all the parents who walk through our chuch doors.  Parents, we pray... Read More
Posted by Kristin Funston at Tuesday, October 2, 2018
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