Family Bytes

A Parent's Prayer

By Kristen and Freddie Albaugh


God, I want what is best for my child and I admit there are times I am not sure what The Best is.

I pray my child would always deeply know that they were hand crafted and loved by You.  Make them aware of their unique design, gifts, skills and abilities and use them to do good in the world. Always remind them You are their Provider. Teach them to be content with what they have, work hard for what they need and become generous with those who have less.

Regardless of age or vocation, develop my child into a leader among leaders, deeply loved by some and respected by all. Use me to develop their character.  I pray they learn to love what is true, beautiful and admirable, while acting justly, lovingly, mercifully and living humbly.

Lord I know this is only possible as they grow in the awareness of your love.  Please use our home as the place where they can grow in their understanding of your love and grace. Help me to create a safe place for them to make mistakes, ask questions and seek wisdom.  Knowing that kids learn more by what is caught rather than taught, help me to be consistent and clear in my direction, honest with my mistakes and transparent in areas of my life where I am not sure what to do.

I am far from perfect but remind me to be faithful to my calling as a parent. Remind me that I parent to honor You, not to gain the approval of others.  I parent for my kids and not for moments of sanity or satisfaction.  As I parent my wonderfully flawed kids remind me, as I remind them, that we have a Perfect Father in Heaven who loves us - flaws and all.  Make me increasingly aware and thankful for your forgiveness, patience and generosity.  


Posted by Freddie Albaugh at 6:00 AM
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