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A Teen's Life Online

Last weekend, Hope's Your Kid & Technology seminar scratched a proverbial parenting itch. Our very own experts from Hope's IT, kids and student ministries were there, leading a panel discussion on how and what to navigate in our world of technology as we parent our children with the available technology in today's culture.

Mark Gregston recently podcasted on this very subject, and he makes some excellent points and also interviews a student, Mackenzie, about his experiences online.


Parenting Today's Teens: A Teen’s Life Online, by Mark Gregston.

Teens today are the most tech-savvy and plugged-in generation ever! Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are an integral part of their way of life. So, how can we put healthy boundaries around digital usage? This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston gives a sobering overview of the dangers online and shares reasonable limits that parents can set.



Posted by Kristin Funston at 11:57 AM
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