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Depression & Anxiety: When It's Time to Seek Help

Continuing the conversation from episode #8, Dr. Chuck Hannaford and Pastor Freddie Albaugh, discuss depression and anxiety. This conversation leads on from the definition and symptoms of onto when it is time to seek out help for depression and anxiety.

You'll hear discussion on:

  • wholistic approaches to treating depression and anxiety
  • depression/anxiety as a biological fact, not a character flaw
  • genetic predispositions for depression and anxiety
  • how a person who suffers from them perceives how others perceive them
  • the difference between guilt and shame and how they are related
  • how a pastor can help and how a doctor can help
  • high risk behaviors of depression and anxiety

Passionate Intimacy Workshop: Enriching sexual intimacy in married couples

Oct. 26-27, 2019


  • A greater understanding of the beauty of God’s gift of sexuality
  • A sexual vocabulary that helps husbands and wives discuss sexual issues
  • God’s design for resolving sexual desire conflicts in marriage
  • Creative heart honoring ways to initiate intimacy with their spouse
  • What’s “normal” in sexual response and activity
  • How to determine what’s sexually acceptable for Christian couples
  • The critical role of emotional and spiritual intimacy for healthy physical intimacy


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