Family Bytes

Embracing the Truth About Ourselves

On this extremely transparent episode of Family Bytes, Freddie Albaugh will dive into the lives of the late Dr. Billy Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian along with his wife Stacie. Tullian is a father, public speaker, and the author of countless books such as Jesus + Nothing = EverythingOne Way Love and It is Finished. This couple not only tells all about their past and personal life, but they also share why it is absolutely essential to embrace your truth to others. This candid interview digs deep into the core on what it takes to be authentic and what that means in an imperfect world.


You will hear them discuss:

-How to embrace your shadow side

-Why success is toxic to your soul

-How to get off your performance treadmill & approval drug

-Why failure from the past is essential for your future

-How good marriages are only made possible with two good forgivers


Connect with Tullian & Stacie:

Tullian’s IG account



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