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Launching Your Kids into College & Adulthood

Episode #6 is here for the Family Bytes Podcast! Listen to regular hosts, Freddie Albaugh & Anne Floyd, chat with parents Bill & Janna Church. Bill & Jana launched both their sons Erik and Alex into college and then young adulthood with first jobs, internships, and moves. Alex, their youngest son, also joins the conversation and weighs in on his side of the transition into college and adulthood, including things he wishes his parents had done.

As we swing through summer many parents are prepping to send their children to college and other parents are guiding their kids into first jobs, first interviews, first new adventures as young adults.

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • when adolescence actually ends and why that's important in regards to launching young adults into the world.
  • how adolescence should shape parenting children into adulthood.
  • manager vs. mentor roles of parents.
  • how to guide children to explore what they may want to do as adults in their vocation.
  • how to use our own skills as parents to help our children discover theirs.
  • the practical skills children in hind-sight want us to teach them.

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