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Marriage & Money: Discovering Your Personal Financial Style

Listen to the conversation as Pastor Freddie Albaugh & Pastor Rick McDaniel navigate the common topic of money and marriage. You will discover your own personal financial style, your spouse’s style, and how to work together with money, different styles, and the ever-changing seasons of marriage. 

Rick McDaniel is an author, inspirational speaker, and church leader. He is the founder and senior pastor of the Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia.

He is a regular contributor for and has written for many magazines, journals, and newspapers. He also writes a weekly devotional for Salem Communications and is the host of the Point of Impact podcast.

Rick McDaniel’s IG @rickmcdaniel44

Rick McDaniel’s Website:

Rick McDaniel’s Book: You Got Style


Marriage Madness: In It to Win It (Feb 21st, 6pm)

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