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Raising a Generation of Racism: Family Bytes Podcast, Episode #4 + BONUS Conversation

What if our family is passing along a mindset that we are inherently better than others.... without even knowing it?

Dr. Nate Essex, President Emeritus of Southwest Community College, is the special guest in this episode of the Family Bytes Podcast. Dr. Essex grew up as an African American in the deep south, during the height of racial segregation. He discusses  how his upbringing within his home and community shaped the trajectory of his life, despite a demoralizing time in where he was judged by the color of his skin.

Listen and learn through out the conversation about:

  • the (often-forgotten) key in passing on bigoted views and changing the narrative
  • how to take ourselves out of our comfort zone in conversations about race with children
  • psychological effects of racism/prejudgice on our children
  • how to change the narrative of a child's life in regards to race
  • impact on those who experience racism/prejudice
  • blatant vs. micro aggression 
  • conversations being held by parents of various races with their children

Read the Racism & Mental Health study mentioned by Anne Floyd in this episode.


Bonus! Click and download the BONUS conversation held after the "official" interview happened. 

Hosts: Freddie Albaugh, Dr. Chuck Hannaford, Anne Floyd

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