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Reframing Purpose: How Relationships Help us Find the Path to Our Purpose

We're ONE year into Family Bytes living as a podcast, and we're ready to celebrate! 

To celebrate we're kicking off season 2 with a weekly series, instead of one monthly post. So every Friday, you'll see a new podcast show up over the next five week. This weekly series will coincide with the sermons over the next 5 weeks at Hope Church, Reframed: Gaining a Fresh Perspective. You can watch the first sermon of the series by clicking HERE.

Special Bonus! We're video recording all of our podcast interviews during this specific series, so you can not just listen but see the interview, as well!

Season 2 kicks off with Pastor Freddie Albaugh interviewing Jill Dyson (AngelStreet Memphis) and Jasmine Martin (Circles of Success Learning Academy) about how God used their unlikely friendship to redine their purpose. 

Watch below or listen via your favorite podcasting app!


Family Bytes: Reframing Purpose from Hope Church on Vimeo.

Posted by Kristin Funston at 11:45 AM
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