Get Connected

Whether you’ve been coming to Hope for years or you’ve only visited once, we want you to be a part of the team. We want you CONNECTED to our Hope family. There are many ways to get connected at Hope, and we’re committed to helping you “fit right in.”

There are three easy ways to get started with connection at Hope. Send an email to and our Connecting Manager will help you figure out a good starting place.

Introducing Hope

Introducing Hope is our class that helps new and long-term visitors learn more about Hope, what we believe and how you can be a part of the work God is doing here.


Hope has multiple ministries for people at all stages of life. Joining a minitry is a great way to get connected to others. For a full list of ministires at Hope, click here.


Hope could not have the impact that the Lord has allowed us to have without consistent and faithful volunteers. There are tons of ways to serve at Hope and our community through Hope. iServe teams are created to help members find friends and community while they are making a difference. Join an iServe team! Check out our Volunteer page here, or Contact David Morris for more info!