Global Trips

Global Trips


Below are some upcoming trips we have planned in Global Outreach. To apply, or for more information on a specific trip, click the link in the far right column. All trips require an application and $100 nonrefundable deposit.

To learn more about fundraising opportunities, click here. OR visit our FAQ page here

ASK US ABOUT OUR GLOBAL OUTREACH INTERN PROGRAM.  Program runs June 1- August 1. Request Info for 2019. 

*Trip costs are approximate and subject to change. Please visit here for a list of potential trip necessities that are not included in cost of the trip. 

Location Trip Dates Trip Cost* Leader Division/Ministry Focus Links
Haiti September 1-8, 2018 $1700 Kristy Dickey/ Tom Goyer 


Place of Hope Orphanage Apply or   Request Info
New York July 7-14, 2018 $1450 TBD   Sheepshead Bay Camp Apply or   Request Info
Switzerland July 20-29, 2018 TBD   Worship Team & Youth Leader Team SHINE Conference Apply or   Request Info
STUDENT MINISTRIES: Belize July 2018 TBD Matt Tubinis Student Ministry (Closed trip, SM only)   Apply or   Request Info
Greece July 22-Aug 1 2018 $2500 TBD   Global Worker Care and Conference  Apply or   Request Info
Kenya October 13-27 2018 $3200 Issac Curry/ Keesha Green   Leadership Dev/ Relational Discipleship Conference  Apply or   Request Info
Charlotte, NC Nov 28-Dec 2 2018 TBD Gary Adams Operation Christmas Child Processing Center Apply or   Request Info


Global Mission Trip Testimonials

"Leave your expectations behind. Expect your heart to be opened and touched. Haiti, a country so destitute but the people are so rich in their faith in God. We expect to nurture them but we come back so blessed."

- Laurie Meier (Haiti)

"It's about being ready, so when God whispers you can say yes. I did not change Belize as much as Belize changed me. If it's about money, God will provide. After seven trips, it's still a new experience. Who could have guessed I'd be a Godparent and the Maid of Honor in another country? With Global Outreach, relationships are developed, structures are built and God is present."

- Shelly Cheng (Belize)

"You go on a mission trip to serve and help others. What you don't realize is when you take a week where your focus is just for God to use you is how His touch will change you. By serving you are served. God's touch will leave it's mark!"

- Robert Longfield - Belize, Bahamas and Global Leadership Committee

"Zachary was one of our drivers from Kenya for our trip 2011. On our way back to Nairobi we encountered a van stuck in a ditch. Our drivers immediately pulled to the side and got out to help. When I told Zachary and Caleb they were an answer to prayer, this was Zachary's response, "It takes more than one. That is why we are given two hands." I thought it spoke well to all that we do in ministry." 

Carol Brown - Kenya