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Pat Kendall

Recovery & Support Pastor

All Staff, Caring Ministry

One of the most important ministries at Hope is Recovery & Support, and no one is better at heading it up than Pat. Since 1997, Pat has helped people find the recovery help they need for issues such as alcohol, drugs, divorce, grief, mental health, etc. He interfaces with our recovery and support groups; currently about 35-40 meetings. His favorite part of the job, though, is "doing all I can to love people into the Kingdom." Kind words you'd expect from a pastor. But from a pastor who served seven years in the Air Force as an aerial gunner on an AC-130 Gunship? Yep, that too. Pat lives with his wife in Fayette County.

Favorite Hobby: Building & flying R/C airplanes
Favorite sport: Shooting sports
Favorite type of music: Bluegrass