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Hope 4 Kids is OPEN every weekend with limited capacity. If you plan on having your kids participate in H4K, registration is required, so please take a moment to register your kids today. 

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We desire to partner with you, the parents/guardians, that influence the lives of the kids to create a space where all kids of all backgrounds can experience Jesus in a real way. We design every weekend to be an opportunity for Hope 4 Kids to leave a Jesus-size impression in the lives of every child. We believe that a real life with a real Jesus can be real fun! Check out how we do this for each child below.

Step (Infant-2 years)

Jesus is REAL!

Every child will experience that they were fearfully and wonderfully made by God, and so was Jesus. By engaging in life on their level, they will know we serve a real and true God.

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JUMP (3–Kindergarten)

Jesus' FrieNDS & FAMILY

…And I can be part of that family, too! By learning about the Bible as God’s plan, and his relationship to and through Christ’s friends and family,  kids will see that they are a part of a much bigger family called the church.

LEAP (Grades 1-3)

Jesus and Me!

Our kids are learning much more about the world around them and even more about themselves. We embrace that the cross is big enough for us no matter our story, and big enough to save the world, too.

Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

SOAR (Grades 4 & 5)

Jesus & Me In the world!

Let’s be honest—students at this age are “know it alls," and we want them to know everything they can about their relationship with Jesus and what that looks like in this ever-changing world in which they find themselves. We do this through the lenses of Hope, Influence, and Transformation.

Here’s a peek at what Hope for Kids has for your family:

  • Step and Jump (Hope for Kids building, First Floor) are the weekend programs for children six weeks old through Kindergarten. Our goal is to teach every child that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

  • Leap and Soar (Hope for Kids building, Second Floor) are the weekend programs for elementary-aged kids (1st – 5th grades) that include engaging large group gatherings for worship and teaching, alongside a more personal small group time with adult leaders. Hope for Kids believes the Bible should never be boring, worship can be really loud and good leaders always care. We use the 252 Basics curriculum in order to impress three basic truths on the kids: I need to make the wise choice. I can trust God no matter what. I should treat others the way I want to be treated. How do we accomplish this? Awesome activities, crazy skits, high energy worship and Bible stories told in unforgettable fashion! Come to the second floor of the Hope for Kids Building on the weekends to be a part of Leap!
  • Hope for Kids also offers a program for children with special physical or mental challenges who need individual assistance. CLICK HERE for more information on our Hope 4 Macky & Friends ministry for special needs.
  • Be sure to check out Wednesday Night Kids on select Wednesday nights throughout the year, as well as Hope for Kids’ Special Events.

Registration Process

All first-time guests fill out a registration form for each child at either the Step or Jump desk in the Hope 4 Kids building. The next time you bring your child, just proceed to any of the available check-in computers and enter the last four digits of your phone number, click on your child’s name, and select the service/s you would like to attend. Upon completion you will receive 3 stickers: One for your child to wear, one for the class roster (located at the classroom), and one for you to keep and present to the teacher upon pick-up. Children will ONLY be released to a parent/guardian with the corresponding sticker.

Hope for Kids Staff

Chad Johnson

Hope 4 Kids Director

All Staff, Hope for Kids

Shelly Cheng

Hope 4 Kids Assistant Director

All Staff, Hope for Kids

Margaret Blount

Hope 4 Kids Step Coordinator / Interim Weekday Preschool Director

All Staff, Hope for Kids, Weekday Preschool

Kelly Windschitl

Hope 4 Kids Jump Coordinator

All Staff, Hope for Kids

Keith Weiss

Hope 4 Kids Leap Coordinator

All Staff, Hope for Kids

Njeri Camphor

Hope 4 Kids Soar Coordinator

All Staff, Hope for Kids

Nanci Workman

Hope 4 Kids Engagement Coordinator

All Staff, Hope for Kids