A Story of Hope from Ashley Pickens

Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Ashley Pickens

I had strayed away from church for a long time...

I knew I wanted to get back into church but it just wasn’t happening anytime soon. A friend of mine invited me to join him at a service, where I tell you I had never felt so at home. I’ve been hurt in and out the church and it just felt like a breath of fresh air coming thru the doors. Although my consistency faded for a while in coming, I was never forgotten nor scorned for not coming. I was welcomed back home with open arms.

And ever since, I’ve been singing with the wonderful choir under the direction of Marque Walker. I’ve truly acquired a family. Something I’ve needed for years even with having my own. But hey just because you’re related by blood doesn’t mean you're related by Destiny. I thank God for HOPE...I now have hope.

Plus my son gets excited every time we come down Walnut Grove... Lol. It’s like he knows exactly where we're going when we come down that long road.

It’s truly been a long time coming and I'm forever grateful!

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