A Story of Hope from Blair Hayes

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A Story of Hope from Blair Hayes

My mother passed away from cancer when I was only 19 years old. I was in a dark and depressing state to where I stopped going to church and even stopped believing in God. I couldn't comprehend how an "all-loving" God would take my mother away like that. My father started coming to Hope Church and was really enjoying his experience here. He invited me several times, but I was reluctant at first in not wanting to attend. Until one day, I realized I couldn't keep living in misery. When I came to Hope, I was a little overwhelmed but the worship and message where so inspiring I knew I had found something special.

I was still discovering my faith and knew I needed to find a group. So I looked into the College Ministry, which was where I started to make friends and learned what it truly meant to have a relationship with Christ. Hope Church has truly blessed with me with so many opportunities that I never knew were possible. From volunteering with the youth group, to going on mission trips and from finally being blessed to be on staff. I have had ups and downs within my faith at times, but I am thankful I have a God who truly loves me and a Hope family to support me every step of the way.

So thank you Hope Church, I am beyond blessed God lead me here.

[Blair Hayes]