A Story of Hope from Christen Hulgan

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A Story of Hope from Christen Hulgan

I am a wife and teacher, but most importantly I am a mom. I have a typical son and a daughter with special needs.

Having a child with special needs can take a LOT out of a person and I realized about 5 years ago that God was my answer. A friend mentioned Hope Choir to my daughter, Annabelle, and me—so we tried it out! Choir was a wonderful fun way to get involved in a very large and sometimes intimidating church. After a year of attending, another church member asked if I would mind helping teach VBS. Being a teacher, I said ok and I was HOOKED!!!!! Macky & Friends have had my heart ever since!!!! I teach the adults with disabilities class and I am on the leadership team.

God used the gifts he gave me for the good of Hope Church. Teaching at Hope and being on the leadership team have given me a new church family. Having those other special needs moms walk with me on this journey is more than my heart could have wished for. I have seen amazing miracles, big and small, in the Macky & Friends ministry. My daughter feels fully accepted in both her regular youth group and special needs classes. She has found her place. God has shown me that His plan for me is always for my good and the good of his Kingdom.

My family has truly found a home at Hope.

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