A Story of Hope from Cindy Brandon

Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Cindy Brandon

We started at Hope because my son, Noah, has autism and it proved difficult to find a church home. The first Sunday we attended was Mother’s Day and Noah fell in love with Hope that Sunday. I think it’s because he knew (as did I) he had found a place where he "fits in." So, we started attending EVERY Sunday. I then started to volunteer in the one Macky & Friends classroom we had at the time. I knew right then that we belonged here. Then our ministry started to grow quickly. I was asked to "fill in" in the Saturday night younger kids’ room of Macky & Friends. That was five years ago and I’m still there!! It’s the most rewarding experience to be able to teach and love on these awesome kids, to watch them grow up. 

I was asked to join the leadership team that year as well, and all I can say is they have become the focus and drive in my life. That group of women have been my rock and source of inspiration through some really tough times—they are my family!! My daughter, Savannah, also volunteers on Saturday night and on Sunday mornings in the same classroom. I volunteer in the adult room on Sunday mornings. I love the younger kid room, I feel like I can share my experiences about my son with autism and give those parents hope. The adult room allows me to see the other side of where Noah will be one day and get hope from the parents and the participants.

Macky & Friends gave us hope, a purpose and unconditional love.

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