A Story of Hope from Danny Cosby

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A Story of Hope from Danny Cosby

Born the son of a preacher, I grew up in the church, singing and participating in music from a very young age. At 18, I started singing in rock bands and experimenting with drugs. By 23, I was in the lowest of his addiction, "speedballing" heroin and meth, and stealing to finance my addiction. I found himself strung out, broke, homeless and walking the streets of Memphis. I wound up in a homeless shelter where I rededicated my life back to the Lord. It wasn't long after that my stint as a thief caught up with me and I was arrested. I did a total of 4 years in prison (2 in Tennessee and 2 in Mississippi).

While in prison I sang in the worship band and helped bring many men to the Lord, including gang members. After prison, a friend brought me to Hope. I had tried to sing at other churches, but I was told, "There’s no room for a felon on our worship team.” Feeling deflated, I came to Hope, and I saw Ephie singing and thought that I would love to be a part of her choir. I auditioned the next week and she welcomed me with open arms, even after hearing my story. After a month or two, Ephie suggested me for frontline and I auditioned for Bruce and Donna. He told me, "Well, bro, I think I hear a blend.”

That was 8 years ago. Since then I met and married my wife, Johanna, published my book and got signed to Grapevine Square Entertainment. I released my album in the South Hall with over 700 people in attendance, and traveled all over North America singing. This is largely in part to Hope giving this ex-felon, ex-addict and ex-wild child a chance when every other door had closed for me. Only God.

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