A Story of Hope from Gretchen Campbell

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A Story of Hope from Gretchen Campbell

My family started going to Hope when I was in the 4th grade. I still remember being in a classroom above the South Hall on a Wednesday (MTV) night when I fully put my life in God’s hands, understanding for the first time I couldn’t do life alone. I went on to be involved in youth group all through middle and high school where the leaders and community there really helped me strengthen my faith. They came right alongside me to find answers when I was questioning what I believed. My now husband, Ian, started attending when we were dating. He was asked to be a leader for a DNOW weekend in 2011 which ultimately lead to the two of us leading a group of kids all through their high school years (and during our first few years of marriage!).

In 2014 “our kiddos” graduated high school and we felt the Lord calling us to start our own little family. Our “Hope-ily” was ever present through our adoption journey! They celebrated the highs and offered a shoulder to cry on through the lows. I have volunteered with students, hung out with Hope 4 Macky & Friends, stirred and baked with kitchen ministry and chugged coffee with other new moms at women’s Bible study!

There is truly a place for anyone and everyone, any age or race, at Hope Church! For that I am eternally grateful!

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