A Story of Hope from Jana Church

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A Story of Hope from Jana Church

When we moved to Memphis in 2004, we struggled to find a church where the whole family felt at home. We had been attending a Lutheran church in Chicago but couldn’t find anything when we arrived. After visiting MANY different churches of different denominations, Bill’s boss recommended that we give Hope a try. Although a "mega" church was not what we were looking for, and the music was dramatically different from the traditional hymns we were used to singing, we felt a strong sense of God calling us to stay. 

The music, the preaching, and the sense of community drew us in! Our kids were five and eight at the time, and honestly, if they had not liked the children’s program, we would have continued to search for a home church. Thankfully, both Erik and Alex enjoyed Hope and looked forward to attending Sunday School each week. As the kids grew, our family’s faith continued to grow as well. Our relationships became stronger and our faith became visible in our everyday life. As the boys grew and reached middle and high school, the church was a place where they felt a sense of belonging—many nights each week were spent in the youth area! Especially for the boys, people poured into them in ways that we could never have imagined. Our boys are now 21 and 24, but the impact Hope made in their lives continues. 

Being involved in many of the ministries, Sunday greeting, leading small groups, and volunteering in many different roles has made the "mega church" feel like a small community church where each person feels loved and appreciated. Hope has always been a blessing to us...it will always be our home!

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