A Story of Hope from Jessika Jordan

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A Story of Hope from Jessika Jordan

I grew up in California until 1993. I was a sophomore in high school and never set foot in a church. When I moved to Memphis in 1993, one of my good friends introduced me to her church and I started attending youth group there. At one of their lock-ins I accepted Jesus into my heart, but I still didn’t feel like I had a close relationship to God. I also didn’t feel at home at her church either. It was a few years later that another friend invited me to Hope. I was hooked from that day on. From not growing up in a church, I didn’t have much to compare to, but I knew after attending one service that God wanted me here. I felt comfortable and welcome. I felt that it didn’t matter that I had never attended church on a regular basis, that once I started going to Hope that I had been there for years. 

Being in an interracial marriage, I wanted a church home that my husband and I could attend and not be judged and viewed a different way. Hope is our home and has always been. We have never felt unwelcome or uncomfortable. My husband and I have been members of this church all 15 years of our marriage. God has been such an intricate part of our marriage and I know it was because of Hope. Our children have also been attending Hope ever since they were babies. They have loved coming here. They feel like they can always be themselves no matter the color of their skin. And just that alone is such a blessing. My son even accepted Jesus into his heart at VBS this past summer.

My family loves Hope and everyone in it. From our wonderful Sunday school leaders, the amazing worship team, to our phenomenal pastors. I love being inspired and motivated every single week. Thank you Hope for allowing us to be just the way we are!!

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