A Story of Hope from Jordan Ray

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A Story of Hope from Jordan Ray

September is such a great month, and not because of some great big accomplishment but because I gave myself back to God and decided to walk with him. A year ago, I stumbled across a VIBE night post on Instagram. It took a lot for me to get here but I got here and along with crying my eyes out I fell in love with the worship. The message spoke directly to me, which is like what anyone who hasn’t been to church in a while might say, but I felt like this speaker knew my life. From that night on, I knew to stay in contact with the church. I needed to be a part of something that would always direct me back to Hope Church.

I met two great people that night, Heather and Ivan, and as they spoke to me and my friends I made up in my mind that it wouldn’t be easy but it’s worth another try. I joined the College Ministry and I’ve been growing in my faith ever since then. From Bible study every Wednesday on campus, to Wednesdays at Hope, to Sunday school and morning worship, I found great hope, love and encouragement to keep pushing. It was nothing to give up but to keep pushing through my problems and to keep coming to church I took that transition from a fan to a follower. I love this church for helping me and also accepting me for who I am.

Happy one-year anniversary to me and Happy 30th anniversary to Hope Church. I love you!

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