A Story of Hope from Lisa Cupo

Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Lisa Cupo

In early Fall of 2014, a friend invited me to visit Hope.

My marriage had recently ended and, although I was angry at God, I was looking for a home church that could provide a safe and stable environment for my children. And while I sat (hid) way up in the "nosebleeds,” I gave it three chances—and it blew me away every time. Four years and eleven months later I'm not hiding anymore. If I can't be on the risers with my beautiful choir family, we're sitting down front, taking in the entire experience. Marque opened the door to the choir and there I have found family like I've never had before. They have stood by me through some of the darkest times.

Hope 4 Kids and its dedicated, loving leaders have opened their arms and roll with my family's unique needs. Now my 12-year-old asks to volunteer with them.

Five years ago, we were alone, broken, and without hope. Now we're surrounded by love, healing, and eyes on a better future. I went to hide. I never thought I could be found.

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