A Story of Hope from Lisa Vines

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A Story of Hope from Lisa Vines

I began going to HOPE in 2004 with my then fiancé and we never looked back. We immediately joined as greeters, got the kids involved and HOPE Church has been nothing short of AMAZING in my life! The message is relatable and just when you think the music can’t be any better…well LOL! 

In 2014 the unthinkable happened to us, our family lost two children, two months apart—my stepson & daughter. My daughter left us the most beautiful gift, her 1½-year-old (at the time) little girl, Bella, our granddaughter. The day my daughter died was also the day Bella was baptized by Pastor Rufus, April 27, 2014. Talk about a profound turn! Our HOPE family was there for support and love. Literally someone showed up with dinner for one month straight. Our family has gone thru many ups and downs thru the years and this church has been my rock. As busy as Rufus is, he has always made time for me/us…and still does!

I LOVE OUR CHURCH!! Here’s to 30 more!

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