A Story of Hope from Loye Ellsworth

Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Loye Ellsworth

My Hope Story started my senior year in high school. I was searching for a new youth group to be a part of because the church where I grew up had a major split and I was pretty devastated about it. My friend Claire Baker (Greene at the time) invited me to go on a youth trip called Victory Ranch, where I didn’t know a soul. I was terrified. The first thing I noticed when I arrived, was how welcomed I felt. Every person that I met, was either sincerely excited to meet me or gave me a huge hug, that I didn’t ask for, but gladly received. It was the first time at church that I didn’t feel looked over, but felt wanted.

Hope is special to me for several reasons. It’s where I found a community of believers that put love and serving first. It’s where I met my husband and it’s where my kids experience the love of Jesus five out of seven days a week. Hope has been and will continue to be a huge part of my life. I’m grateful God brought me to Hope, where I am always challenged to serve and love like Christ did.

Happy 30 years Hope! Excited for the next 30!

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