Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Marque Walker

So, the way that I was led here to Hope is a true God story. I say that because I never saw it coming, and even when I did, I didn't think I'd really fit, nor did I think I'd like it because of the size! I've always been a ''family oriented'' type of Church guy, so I didn't know how this would work for my ''personable/wanting to know everyone'' type of persona. Little did I know that a LARGE Church can be personable! I must say though, it's a character of Hope Church in general that it actually feels more warm & genuine than small churches at times. I don't think I've ever witnessed a place where everyone is ''really'' genuine without the "put on" of trying to be genuine (if that makes sense).

From the staff, to the members (official & non-official! haha) it is honestly full of some of the most genuine people I've encountered, and the best part is, it's a true testament to what Heaven will look like! No age, gender, race, class, disability, special need, past, etc. will make not a bit of difference. THAT'S HOPE CHURCH! It's really indescribable to say the least, and when I invite people, that's what I tell them, and that they just have to witness it for themselves. And when they do, they understand why I can't explain it.

I've been in Church my entire life, but I have to say that Hope has changed my entire perspective on what "Church" is. It's not just about Sunday mornings, inside the building. It's about daily relationships with ALL people & not just a specific ''person.'' It's about helping those that are unchurched and/or de-churched & making them see that "Church” isn't where we go to be the sharpest dressed, or most articulate, the one that can sing, shout, play or preach the best. It's about what Heaven will look like, and Hope is a place on earth that gives you a very good look of that!

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