A Story of Hope from Mary Jo Green

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A Story of Hope from Mary Jo Green

The week after I moved to Memphis in 1997 as a 19 year old somewhat starting out on her own, I checked out Hope to see if it would be for me. It took me 18 months to be courageous enough to get plugged in through a college small group and volunteer in a couple areas. Not too long after, I joined Hope staff as the only part-time support staff for seven “teaching” ministries. My how we have grown! Since then, I have served on leadership teams for Student Ministries, The Stirring, Women’s Ministry, and Hope Preschool. I helped form the Creative Department prior to meeting my husband during a Stirring event. As our family began, I transitioned to a contracted position with various ministries so I could provide a small resource for Hope’s communications needs. Now I have the privilege to serve alongside girls living in the Oasis of Hope community with AngelStreet, the nonprofit I co-founded.

God has used Hope to shape my faith by revealing to me how He created me to serve others. I have learned how to use the gifts He has given to me to support others who lead in ministry and our community. My mentors and the experience I’ve gained through my time at Hope have influenced who I am today personally and professionally. God has used many leaders at Hope as my older brothers and sisters who have held my hand through many stages of life…and continue to do so.

There truly is no place like Hope. No place where you can create memories by dropping a birthday cake with lit candles in front of an entire staff; where you can laugh about crazy designs you created; where you can cry during times of uncertainty; where you are supported during births, deaths, and regular life in between. Hope Church…it’s a place for you (and me).

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