Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Max Hayes

I was drowning. Drowning in sorrow and afraid of what the future would hold.

Two weeks before Christmas 2005, my wife of 22 years died of cancer. My faith took a big hit and my world fell apart. I was now a single father of two teenagers and I was losing hope fast. Looking for spiritual and emotional relief wasn't easy. Of course, I had my family and friends to help, but I needed something more. Once I got my bearings, I decided to try Hope Church.

From day one I can truly say that this place was so loving and caring. Everyone I met seemed so genuinely real about their faith and they all eventually became my other family. I still needed to plug into some group that would feed my soul and use my God given talents so, with great trepidation, I joined the choir in 2007. I love my choir family so much and they have helped me grow tremendously. I thank God for Hope Church.

And on another note, I met a wonderful woman in choir who became my wife in 2009! Bonus points for Hope Church!

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