A Story of Hope from Mike Donnell

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A Story of Hope from Mike Donnell

My wife, son and I began attending Hope after coming to a graduation of a friend’s son, around nine years ago. We have been members for about five years.

My son began attending the youth group and had a blast learning about God. In fact, he became a Hope member before we did. Hope has been very good to my family, especially Matt Tubinis. My son lost both his biological father and his grandmother within a week’s time. When he called Matt for support and condolences during this time, Matt came to our home, picked him up and took him to Hope to hang with him and talk to him. I personally had been turned off when it came to church a few years earlier, after a bad experience at another local church. 

In 2012, my wife had lost her job, I had just gotten on disability and things just weren't going well for us, especially me. I became severely depressed, down on myself, and I had contemplated suicide several times because it had gotten so bad. I had become severely overweight due to depression, hitting a whopping 477lbs. I was unable to properly provide for my family, couldn't get around due to my weight—you get the picture. I reached out one Sunday morning to Jeff Roach and explained to him what was going on in my life. He connected me with a Stephen Ministry volunteer and from there on my life and my thinking made a complete turnaround. The ministering that this person gave to me was Amazing, and he assisted me in making a lifestyle change that would put me on a path to losing a total of 108 lbs. So far, I am no longer depressed or thinking about suicide. This person has become my Brother in Christ, and I tell him that I owe him my life for bringing me up from the pit I was in, back to life.

I have gotten more involved at Hope through the Global Ministry. Hope helped keep me from taking my own life, Hope and its ministry saved my life. Hope helped my family through hard times. Thank you.

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