A Story of Hope from Sandra Davis-Starnes

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A Story of Hope from Sandra Davis-Starnes

Hope has changed my life in a million different ways. I moved to Memphis four years ago, to be close to family, after my husband passed away in 2013. I grew up Baptist and became a Christian at 11 years old. When I became an adult, I moved a lot and stopped going to church. When I moved to Memphis, I visited a number of churches, but didn’t feel like they were for me. One Sunday, I decided to visit Hope. From the minute I walked in, I said to myself, “I’m finally home.” This is it! I attended Introducing Hope classes and became a member two years ago. I also joined Women’s Ministry, Encore and volunteered at Team Read and Vacation Bible School.

In March of this year, my son passed away, at age 43, from drug addiction. My world as I knew it, ended that day. Hope Church was there for me during the darkest days of my life. Danny Cosby preached his memorial in Hope’s Chapel. Danny gave me peace, reminding me, that my son was rejoicing with the angels because he had been saved many years ago. At GriefShare classes, Sherry Oliphant prayed for me. Megan Broadstreet sat with me all thru church one Sunday morning because I was so overwhelmed with grief and is truly my friend. Hope is my family now. So, when I am laid to rest one last time, it’s back to the Chapel at Hope that I want to return. Danny has already agreed that he’ll preach my funeral too and sing Amazing Grace, that saved a soul like me. I’m sure I’ll be looking down from heaven & saying, thank you, Hope Church.

You changed my life, forever & ever! ❤️

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