A Story of Hope from Shelly Cheng

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A Story of Hope from Shelly Cheng

I moved with my husband and son to a brand-new town, not knowing anyone or anything about Memphis. Stephen had a friend from work that invited him to Hope. We visited four churches before Hope and immediately knew we were where we were supposed to be. My personality is very outgoing, so this church’s worship style and laid-back attitude was welcoming to me. For my introvert of a husband, he enjoyed the preaching and teaching because they were practical Biblical truths that could be done in our lives each week. We attended IHS and loved it so much we volunteered to assist the next class. We found Introducing Hope full of great knowledge and in-depth teaching, plus questions that caused us to question our own faith and why we believe in God.

So, for over 21 years we have raise four children through this church...we've had ups and downs like many...being in small groups, finding friends, volunteering, and then cycle that back over and over again. Christ has been faithful to our family here at Hope. We aren't the type to ask much or to be in the spotlight, so we fly low under the radar. We were some of the original coffee baristas...making pot after pot of coffee and pouring them into the carafes quickly so it wouldn’t get cold. We’ve done inside coneheading, delivered cookies, outside coneheading, Women’s Bible studies, Kid’s events, Youth Events and then ultimately were asked by the Children’s Department to volunteer. Who knew we would still be involved? So, after many of our years here, we are noticed in H4K...maybe not so much in the rest of the church. It’s our niche. They needed, and we said yes. It is because of someone asking us to visit, then someone asking to serve...that we are still here. AND, our children have been blessed to see their parents serve and to instill in them the importance of helping others...even when it’s hard and you don’t feel like it.

Hope is our home where we receive spiritual growth and cleansing, acceptance for who we are and a place that we are glad to be each week.

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