A Story of Hope from Stacey Schwarzmann

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A Story of Hope from Stacey Schwarzmann

About 10 years ago, I started attending Hope Church as a single working mom with a 9-month-old infant. Historically, I had grown up in a much smaller church in the area, but in my circumstances at the time, I was missing a Christian community that I could relate to. Ironically, I had one friend from college invite me to attend the New Mom’s Bible Study at Hope, and I had another friend invite me to attend the single’s ministry at Hope, both invites within the same week.

I initially thought becoming part of a large church was not for me since I was used to an atmosphere where I knew my whole church family. However, when I agreed to go to these two small groups, I began to experience the community and support that I needed at that time, and I started growing more in my faith in Jesus again. After visiting these small groups, I remember finally going to church service at Hope for the first time and being surprised with seeing all these familiar faces in such a large church. To this day, when my family has attended Hope Church, we have always seen people we know, and have never felt lost.

Hope has so many awesome ministries and small groups that have made a difference in my family’s life over the last decade. During the first four years that I attended Hope, I got to be in a life group where we started the Young Adult ministry at Hope, and my daughter attended Hope Preschool. When I got married, we became part of a Blended Family small group that truly helped my husband and me during our first years of marriage. We also got to experience the joy of my new stepdaughter being excited about going to Sunday School at Hope Church. Over the years, we have enjoyed Wednesday Nights at Hope, Vacation Bible School, the Marriage & Family Ministry, the Children’s Ministry, service opportunities and the Children’s Choir. We can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring with Hope Church as we are expecting a new addition (first son) to join our family in January.

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