A Story of Hope from Sydney O'Daniel Magsig

Stories of Hope

A Story of Hope from Sydney O'Daniel Magsig

We were empty-nesters and really did not think much about going to church on Sundays. We had an “in“ with Hope because my cousin, Eli Morris, was one of the pastors. We visited, went through Introducing Hope, joined and got I got plugged in with Women’s Ministry. My husband, Cecil, traveled all week so it was hard for him to get plugged in, but he faithfully came every weekend. The firm he worked with, Fleming Architects, was hired for all the new construction and so he really became involved with all the staff and consultant firms. Cecil passed away in 2001 before his last project, the Main Sanctuary was complete.

Several years later I met a wonderful man who asked me to marry him and, before I said “yes,” I informed him there was one condition: You must go to Hope with Me. He said “YES.” We are very involved with the Kitchen Ministry, Target House, the Beast Feast Car Show and Women’s Ministry. 

Love the Morris family and Hope!

<Sydney O'Daniel Magsig>