A Story of Hope from Teresa Franklin

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A Story of Hope from Teresa Franklin

After the passing of my pastor, Bishop Patterson in 2007, I sat in deep thought and silence, praying God to make it plain and clear on what He would have me to do – stay at my childhood church, where I had been a member for 28 years, or lead me where He would have me to carry out His will? Well, God led me to Hope, where I was no stranger. I had been part of the Recovery and Support Ministry, professionally providing weekly Anger Management groups for the past three years.

As a child, my father, a leader in the church would press the importance of a church tithing in their community and the worship services being rooted in the Trinity. And that was all I wanted in a church home. My parents, mature Christians met in the church, so I was never "unchurched" or "dechurched" but in my opinion "overly-churched"...lol! At 28 years old, I''d had enough church for three people! As a visitor, I signed up for my very first Women's Ministry Bible study, Counterfeit Gods, by Timothy Keller. That study changed my life! Life and the Christian faith had never been more transparent to me! I knew at that point, Hope was the place I could mature my faith and thrive in. I’ve been involved in the WM and a women's group leader ever since. 

After seven years of worshipping at Hope, I met my soulmate, Christopher Franklin, whom I married at Hope Church. People ask, "How did you know he was the one?" Well, on day two, God clearly spoke to us that we were who God had chosen for the other. We''ve been married now for almost two years and looking forward to learning and growing with each other for a lifetime. Trust God, He knows what He's doing!

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