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That's the perfect word to describe what happens in the Kitchen Ministry. But wait…"Kitchen Ministry?" What exactly is that about? Hope has a commercial kitchen that helps kitchen ministry staff and many volunteers to prepare meals served at Wednesdays at Hope, for sale in the Hope Shoppe, during Soup Sales and during Dinner on Demand. Proceeds from the sales benefit several ministries at Hope, including Global missions as well as Urban mission work right here in Memphis. It also provides opportunities for our students to volunteer for service hours during large events in order to help them offset the cost of youth trips they attend.

Sure, it's main use is to feed Hope's members and guests of or various events and functions, but it also serves other purposes as well. When Katrina hit in 2005 our kitchen fed over 8,000 hot meals to evacuees from the Gulf Coast, then again with Gustav in 2008. When the historic Memphis Flooding of 2011 hit, Hope kitchen fed over 40 families 3 meals a day for 30 days straight.

And it's not just during natural disasters. Hope is proud to assist Target House and Ronald McDonald House in Downtown Memphis with meals every month. Our famous golden grilled cheese sandwiches are a favorite.

None of our events could happen without the servant hearts of volunteers!  Want to join us to serve?  CLICK HERE

Dinner On Demand Cooking Instructions

Looking for cooking instructions from past  Dinner On Demands? Get them here!

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