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This Week -

This week 3-01-16 50 nurses and my toe caught in my underwear! When you turn 50 everything changes. You have to start getting a physical every year. They still look in your ears and listen to your heart, but they want to look other places too, I'll let you guess .. To do this you have to go to a different doctor at a different place and they actually knock you out. So my first time, I get there and the nurse takes me back to a little 10 ft by 10 ft partitioned room with a curtain tha... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Week -

This week 2-23-16 STOP!!!! Do you ever have times when your brain is screaming "STOP!" but you just keep going? Your smart self is saying "go back!" and your dumb self is saying "I can do this".. It's like watching a movie where the good guy is walking through an empty house looking for the evil bad guy and everybody knows that the evil bad guy is hiding in there. Why not wait outside till the evil bad guy comes out, he can't stay in there forever .. but Nooooooo... Several years ago... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, February 20, 2016

This Week --

This week 2-16-16 Se-VEEER-ly and pro-FOUND-ly A few years ago Hope had the Principal's Academy for the Memphis City Schools. They always have at least one great speaker. That year it was a guy named Norman Kunc (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPtPPEl8WAE). He had everybody intently listening, almost like listening through a door trying to hear what was being said in another room. It was very quiet, necks stretched trying to hear the next word.. Mr. Kunc has a rare gift, he's a grea... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Week -

This week 2-09-16 Logic Theory I was talking to 2 of my favorite people a few years ago. They were young and getting married soon. As soon as I sat down he looked at me and said "What's the first thing that pops in to your head when I say "Valentines Day". I said "Dinner". He put his head on the table and his Wife-to-be smiled really big. He wanted me to say it was dumb and silly. But I've been married for 37 years and even though it took me 20 years to figure it out, I now know that... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Monday, February 8, 2016