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This Week -

This week 3-29-16 It sounded so Great 2 months ago!! In 1999 Easter morning and Daylight Saving time fell on the same Sunday. Back then we used to do a Sunrise service. As usual we had big plans for every service, even this one. On Saturday we built a stage outside and setup speakers. We always assumed 1500 people were coming for this special early morning service.. We just knew that on that morning we would feel the cool air on our face and be singing Amazing Grace as a beautiful su... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, March 26, 2016

This Week -

This week 3-22-16 Field Trip!!! I've decided that I should have been a truck driver. The idea of getting up early, driving a few hundred miles, having breakfast at a truck stop about 9am, dropping off what ever I've got in the truck and then driving home really sounds great to me. I'm sure it's harder than that, but that's the dream. I think this is a hold over from taking field trips when I was in school. A field trip day was always the best day. It meant everything that I was worri... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This Week -

This week 3-15-16 Thanks I had a nice time. See you later. Bye! .. I get invited to a lot of stuff. Weddings, parties, basketball games.. When you're 25 all of your friends are getting married, when you're 60 all of your friends children are getting married. I was supposed to go to a wedding one time. I got there just in time to see the grand parents walk out, then I left. The thing people don't understand is that I have a very short window of time that I can do anything on Saturday ... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Wednesday, March 9, 2016

This Week --

This week 3-08-16 Freeway In 2 weeks 3 busses full of kids will leave Hope going to ski camp. They ski at a place called Monarch. It's small, nice lodge, two lifts. It's perfect for us because we can take over the mountain. The first time I ever went there I had never skied before, but how hard can it be?? I got my skis and poles (no snowboards back then) and started falling down. It took me 20 minutes to get to the lift. I had a really bad feeling going up the mountain on the lift u... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, March 5, 2016