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This Week

It was a dark stormy night. I ride a motorcycle to work every day. I traded my truck in to buy PK and a new car. I had to get rid of it, all it did was sit in my driveway while I paid insurance on it. I rode my bike every day. Riding in this morning reminded me of several things you would never know unless you ride a motorcycle in the rain in the dark on a windy day. Wind is not a big deal as long as there are trees nearby, like most places in Memphis. But, there are no... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, November 5, 2022

This Week

"The Pillars of Creation" I grew up right in the middle of the space race. Every time a rocket left Cape Canaveral, I was in front of the TV cheering for the thing to lift off. I was right there when Neil Armstrong bounced out onto the surface of the moon. I looked up at the moon trying to find some speck of light to see where they were. It all seemed so big.  And then the Hubble and James Webb telescopes were launched and everything changed. Last week the James... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, October 29, 2022

This Week

A little far fetched Did you ever hit a bump so hard that you wondered if your spine was broken? I've never done that in a car, but I've done it on a motorcycle, a 4-wheeler, a bike,  and a horse.  It seems to never be a bump up, like hitting a curb or a big rock. It's always a drop down then a bump up, like hitting a sunken manhole cover or a 6-inch ditch or on a horse a quick down slope then back up. I've never had that feeling on a horse jumping... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, October 22, 2022

THis Week

Motorcycles and newborn babies Yesterday was a great day for me. It was one of my great friends' birthday(I emailed him just a minute ago because I almost forgot.. ooops), I got my motorcycle to run, and I got to hold one of my best friends' 1 week old granddaughter. Quite a day. I walked out to come to work Tuesday and my motorcycle turned over once and died, nothing! So I messed around till PK got up and got her to take me to work. My other motorcycle was at... Read More
Posted by Mack Oates at Saturday, October 15, 2022